App Download Bonus, Price Change Deal and more

Apr 24, 2024

Major Features

App Download Bonus

Drive greater adoption of your mobile apps by adding a points bonus incentive for customers to download your app. The app download bonus is configurable separately from your existing signup bonus.

Multi Select Vendors in Promotions

You can now select multiple vendors when creating vendor-specific promotions, and can search for vendor names.

Open Order Notifications

Play an audio notification when a new order is submitted.

Price Change Deal + Buy X Get Y option

The price change deal type allows you to specify a set price for the discounted items, regardless of their original price (eg. all items will be $5).

This deal can be used standalone, or as an option in the Buy X Get Y Deal type

POS Order Status Tracking

Carrot now displays the order status in the POS for orders that have been pushed to the POS via an API integration.

Show Payment Fees in Cart

If you have fees associated with specific payment methods, those fees can now be configured to display in the cart. Fixed dollar amounts and percentage based fees are available.

Contact us to add these to your store.

Sync Product Tags from POS

If your POS supports product tags, you can set certain tags to display in the store by adding “:visible:” in front of the tags. Eg “:visible:Chill”.

Tags without the :visible: prefix can still be used to influence product display. For example you could create a "notredeemable" tag and our team can configure Carrot to exclude items with that tag from being redeemed.

Support for filtering products based on tags coming soon.

Delivery Zone Fees

We offer the ability to add a fee to delivery orders based on what zone the address falls into. This would allow you to charge an extra fee for orders to far-off locations.


App Update Improvements

We made significant changes to our app infrastructure that will allow us to make changes to mobile apps without a formal App Store update process. This will mean mobile apps will be kept up to date with the web version of your store, and impactful disruptions to meet app store guidelines will be minimized.

Reduced CSS Conflicts for Embedded Stores

When the Carrot store app is embedded in a website it will now completely avoid any styling conflicts with the containing website by using “Shadow DOM” technology.

Archive Products

Products that haven’t been in stock for a long time can now be “archived” to avoid cluttering the UIf or store staff (please contact Carrot Support if you want to request products to be archived)

Loyalty Level Change Indicators

When a customer has a transaction or adjustment that pushes them into a new loyalty level, there will be a notice in their activity indicating the change.

Other Improvements

  • Faster initial loading of the Carrot store app

  • Loyalty level changes are now indicated both in the admin app and the store app

  • Fixed UX issues affecting the admin app when accessed on a phone

  • Hide the Cash/Points toggle if a product is not redeemable

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed product name overrides not applying to iOS and Android

  • Fixed delivery dates with delivery windows not using the correct time zone on the store app

  • Fixed some rare conditions that could prevent customer profiles from merging

  • Fixed store categories not opening on the first click after a cancelled global search

  • Fixed the store app redirecting the user away from the cart when an order submission was not successful. Now it will show an error modal instead and stay on the page with the same products and selections.

  • Fixed import of FlowHub images

  • Fixed Cova price tiers and consolidated same-product items in Cova order pushes

  • Improved Cova sync with support for “Strain Type” and ignoring empty strains