Carrot Product Updates - July 2024

Jul 8, 2024

Missions, push notification scheduling, fixed price deals and more

Push Notification Scheduling + Improvements

You can now schedule push notifications to be sent at your preferred time. Additionally, we've introduced a preview feature that allows you to see how your notification will appear on customer devices.


Missions will help to efficiently transition customers from casual walk-ins to loyal regulars. Customers will be rewarded with points, encouraging continued engagement. At launch, we have introduced two types of achievements: Sign Up Bonus and App Download Bonus.

Upcoming missions to be released soon will include opting-in to marketing, providing an email during signup, hitting a pre-determined number of orders, and buying products from specific categories.


  • Make 5 online orders and get 150 points

  • Buy 10 Flower products and get 100 points

We have also redesigned the rewards page layout for a more participatory and user-friendly experience. These new features will significantly enhance the customer journey and drive loyalty.

Missions will have a counter tracking the actions a user needs to take to earn their prize (eg. 1/5 orders). Customers unlock the prize once the mission is completed and the counter reaches eg. 5/5. Once earned, customers must claim their prize, this creates greater engagement with your program.

💡 Please note, all pre-existing bonuses have been converted into completed missions.

New Discount Type: Price Change

You can now use the "Price Change" deal type to showcase your special offers on Carrot. This is useful when creating a promotion where various products of different prices are discounted to the same final price.

Customer Activity Filters

You can now easily filter the customer activity page in the Admin App based on desired event types, such as displaying only Carrot orders or redemptions.


  • Cova product sync now supports "Strain Type" and ignores empty strains, ensuring accurate product information.

  • Online payment method fees are now displayed in the cart before an order is submitted, enhancing transparency.

  • Separate online payment methods can be configured and enabled per order method type, offering greater flexibility.

  • THCA and CBDA lab results are now unified regardless of lab result name capitalization, ensuring consistent data.

  • The performance of the admin app has been improved when viewing customer profiles with extensive history

  • The appearance of scrollbars on Windows devices has been enhanced

  • Added a separate Carrot fee setting for in-store kiosk orders

  • Automatic rotation of phone numbers with low deliverability for SMS and MMS marketing

  • Order notifications will now repeat every 3 seconds, if set to repeating, ensuring you never miss an important update

  • Promo codes will no longer be stackable with other promotions.

Bug Fixes

  • The store product page now hides the cash-points toggle when a product is not redeemable

  • Dollar-off discount buttons have been renamed to provide clearer context across different order methods

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent product image sync from Cova

  • Addressed issues with Cova price tiers, ensuring more accurate pricing

  • Fixes for Cova order pushing

  • Fixed an issue where store categories wouldn't open on the first click after a canceled search

  • The store app will no longer redirect customers away from the cart after an unsuccessful order submission. Instead, an error modal will be displayed, keeping the user on the page with the same products and selections.

  • Resolved issues with Cova order pushes when a product is subdivided

  • Numerous technical improvements have been made to enhance overall performance and reliability