All Your Tools, Under One Roof

It’s hard to deliver a sticky and profitable customer experience while juggling six different software providers. Carrot brings the key parts of your digital retail experience under one roof, so you can focus on running a great dispensary.

Plug and Play Digital Retail

Synced Ecommerce

  • Populates with live inventory from your sales floor
  • Complete lab results and product descriptions
  • Integrated price tiers and order limits
  • Easy integration with analytics tools

Custom iOS App

  • No iFrames, double logins or 3rd party services
  • Reach customers directly with push notifications
  • Branded to your operation
  • You own the App Store listing, and control all customer data
  • Fully integrated with the Carrot webstore
  • No extra work to maintain

In-Store Displays

  • Built in numbered customer queue display with controls built in to your staff dashboard
  • Product menus synced to your live inventory
  • Customizable look and feel

Unified Customer Communication

Integrated Live Chat

  • 2 way chat accessible to customers from anywhere in the webstore
  • All staff messages tracked to specific employee accounts
  • Fully chat and activity history for each customer
  • SMS notifications to customers when you send a message

In-App Push Notifications

  • Reach your customers without the problems of carrier filtering
  • Lower cost than SMS
  • Guaranteed deliverability

Order Update Notifications

  • Messages send automatically as an order moves through the fulfillment process
  • Customize the content of each message, including instructions for steps to take on arrival
  • Toggle messages on/off for specific steps

Loyalty and Rewards

Build Your Own Program

  • Set specific points prices or generate prices automatically based on a target program cost
  • Allow redemptions on your whole menu, or specific subsets

Increase Adoption

  • Customers can easily redeem items and check and their points from within your webstore
  • Configure tiered multiplier levels for your most valuable customers
  • Transaction feedback texts remind customers what they earn

Fast & Flexible Fulfillment

Efficient Operations

  • Process orders on a drag and drop kanban board that's easy to use and simple to train on
  • 1 click order label printing
  • Incoming orders reserve inventory to prevent out-of-stock orders
  • Set customer messages to customers for each step of the fulfillment process


  • Flexible order methods: In-Store, Curbside, Drive-thru
  • Lightning fast automated checkin with scannable QR codes
  • Alerts for staff when a customer arrives to pick up their order
  • Self service pickup at built-in physical lockers in partnership with SafeArbor.


  • Define custom delivery zones with dedicated business logic
  • Integrated delivery routing and optimization
  • Incoming customer chats routed to your dispatch so that drivers can focus on driving
  • Confirmation of delivery and compliant customer ID verification

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